Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weaning my two year old, update

Tomorrow night will mark the one week
point since we began weaning our 2 yo.  It went remarkably
well.  He never fussed or cried to nurse.  For 12 hours he
would ask and then as soon as he smelled the vinegar, he'd turn away
without attempting to nurse.  After that, he'd say he wanted milk,
but then would immediately follow that by saying the milk was
bad.  As the week wore on, he would ask me every now and then, "My
milk bad?"   I'd tell him it was still bad, and he'd ask me to
hold him instead.

During this week, he has begun to eat much
better at mealtimes since he isn't filling up on milk.  He's also
begun to sleep better.  I've had him fall asleep with me in the
living room each night, with him lying on the couch.  Then I move
him to his toddler bed.  And he has slept in his own bed all night
long each night ... except for last night when he fell out of bed and
his older brother came and told me, so I tried to put him back into his
bed but woke him up in the process.  So we went to the couch and I
lay beside him for 5 minutes until he was asleep again.  It would
be easier if he were in a twin bed, but we don't have one for him yet.

So, the spur of the moment weaning attempt went amazingly well and at
this point, I'd say he's weaned.  He even went willingly to the
church nursery today ... another small miracle!  Our "baby" is
growing up!!

I think my body has adjusted to only nursing one
child.  Although I used that transition time to pump milk and
freeze for my upcoming hernia surgery.  That will allow Steve to
take a bottle to the hospital for Baby L, if she needs it during my
surgery.  I think I pumped enough for 3 feedings, but we shouldn't
really need that much.

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for adding me to your friends list. :)

    My *baby* turns 3 tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. I always had a hard time when it was time to wean them, it can be kinda sad, but they have to do it sometime, right? I never nursed more than 1 at a time, I bet that was pretty taxing on your body. It sounds like you have a real sweet little guy, there.

    Gayle :)


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