Friday, August 18, 2006

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives


Revive Our Hearts is challenging us wives to spend the month of September encouraging our husbands, praying for them, and blessing them through our words and actions.

You can read about it, and find links for materials to help you in this goal, at the S.H.M.I.L.Y. Time Blog by Amy

I am going to take this challenge and make it my goal for the next month.  I have an awesome amazing husband, who I love dearly.   I know that I do not praise him or encourage him enough.  And I also know that right now, he can really use that prayer and encouragement. 

Monday morning, I'm having hernia surgery.  And my wonderful husband will be taking time off from work to stay home to care for me and the children as I recover, just as he did when I had Baby L.  He will be blessing us through his actions.  He loves us all, works hard for us all, and is a servant leader to our family.  I'm so glad he chose me for his wife.


  1. What a precious thing for us to be able to do....encourage and take care of our hubbies. It sounds like you have a wonderful one!

    Gayle :)

  2. So glad to see you're doing this with us!!! Also... read your most recent post and praying for a quick recovery!




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