Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Excellent Article on Feeding our Babies


Today, Kim, from Large Family Logistics, posted excerpts from an excellent article on breastfeeding our babies.  It explains quite well the way that the breastfeeding relationship works, and how it varies for each "nursing couple".  It also goes on to explain why these variances make "cue feeding" the better method.  Although some babies do fine on a schedule or "flexible routine", many others do not.

Kim's blog post.
The article: Examining the Evidence.

The article also talks about the importance of baby nursing long enough to get enough fat/calories.  But I didn't see it address the fact that switch nursing (nursing on both breasts for each feeding) can limit the amount of fat that the baby gets.  If a baby does not seem to be gaining well, is fussy after feeding, or has green-tinted bowel movements, it is likely that there is a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.  The foremilk helps with digestion, but too much of it leads to indigestion and green frothy diaper contents.  These babies also tend to be fussier.  This is most common in Moms who have "too much milk" or who leak alot.  It is common in Moms with overactive letdown.  The solution is to nurse on one side for each feeding, and not switch sides.  This ensures the baby gets plenty of hind milk and fat.  The dessert to end the meal.

On the other hand, if a Mom has a low supply, then she should "switch nurse"  and nurse more often to help build her supply. 

Here are some other articles to help you know if your baby is getting enough milk and growing well:

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Just a few articles to read about breastfeeding if you're considering breastfeeding, are having troubles nursing your baby, or know anyone else who is struggling.

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  1. This is great info! I am still nursing my 22 month old dd and it is so special to me since I had a breast reduction before I was married. With my first 2 children, nursing didn't go so well, but I managed thru it for about 5-6 months with both of them. Had to supplement with both, though, and they weaned themselves. That was so heart-breaking to me as I wasn't ready to stop, but to them the bottle was faster and had more.

    With this one, I did a ton of research and took herbs, supplements, teas, etc and it has gone great! I did have to supplement once/day for a few months, but then we were able to drop that.

    I also enjoyed your frugal post-we use cloth dipes & wipes, too. I used to buy them (AIOs, fitted, covers) but learned how to sew them, which is so much fun! And, cloth wipes are easy to sew.

    I am enjoying your blog and hope to come back and read more soon.

    Congratulations on your newest little one! Holly


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