Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I am horribly embarrassed -- I'm a blight on Homeschooling!!

I just received my daily Family Research Council email.  Their third headline
was about a recent survey that showed that Americans know the names of
the 7 Dwarfs and 3 Stooges better than major political leaders.  I
am just blushing 
because I received one of those survey phone calls.  And I was
guilty of not being able to name 2 of our current Supreme Court
Justices.  I was guilty of not remembering the British Prime
Minister's name. 

I *know* some of these names, and if I heard the name I could tell you
who they were.  But when asked, I could not remember their names.
I forgot Tony Blair's name!!  How embarrassing!!  I felt
really stupid at the time, and hung up thinking I was ashamed to be
ranked with those who you always see quoted on Jay Walking with Jay Leno and such.

Now, I did get the 3 branches of the federal government right, although
I stumbled at first.  I said "Federal, Legislative and Judicial
... I mean EXECUTIVE, Legislative, and Judicial!!"  I wonder which
answer he took ... the first words I said or my immediate

Sigh.  How embarrassing.  And I'm a homeschool Mom.  I
really need to pay better attention to the news.  Although I did
follow the recent Supreme Court nominations, so at one point I knew at
least those two recent nominations' names.  But I could not think
of it that evening they called.  I'm ashamed of myself. 

I'm still blushing that my participation contributed to the negative outcome of the survey.  You can read about it here at this article by the Washington Times

And yes ... you can laugh at me.  It's okay.  Just do it behind my back, or be gentle, please. 


  1. Ok, ok, yes political stuff and names are "important" but, ya know, the way I'm seeing it today... the 7 dwarfs and the 3 stooges are light-hearted amusement.... in today's world we get plenty of "important" serious stuff thrown at us left and right -- why *not* know the things that bring a little happiness and relaxation better than the worldly "important" stuff?!!

    I'd betcha the good Lord knows the name of little Charlie Chaplin just as well as he knows the names of the Supreme Court Justices.

    Teehee, Jay Leno's Jay Walking! I love those. And, if I know any more than the typical "jay walker" it's only because I've spent too much time watching secular news... and that's not a good thing!


  2. Hi!

    That could have happened to anybody. We all get tongue tied and can't remember things even though we are homeschoolers. I've had very similar things happen to me and I know the blush you're feeling in on your cheeks as I've had it many times as well. :-)


  3. Your post really got me thinking! I remembered Tony Blair but the only Supreme Court Justices I could think of were retired or had passed away! I could think of Clarence Thomas (because he got in trouble a while back) Rhenquist (because I read John Grisham novels) Sandra Day O'Conner (a woman!) and Thurgood Marshall. Who I think may have been the first African American SCJ. Yikes! I hope those names are right! I'm going to go pull out a history book now!


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