Thursday, August 17, 2006

New math workbooks and italic handwriting workbooks!!

Our box from finally
arrived yesterday.  5 yo J was so excited to get his first
Horizons math workbook and his first italic handwriting book.  It
was 2 pm, but he still ran off to do his first lessons.  And he
did them before breakfast this morning.  He told me, "I like math,
Mom.  It's fun." I wonder if he'll still be saying that in 3
months.  I hope so.  9 yo R used to tell me that all the
time.  It was her favorite subject for a long time.  She
doesn't struggle with it as A does.  Anyway, I think J finally
feels like he's in school now that he has workbooks, too.  He's
been doing Tapestry of Grace (and FIAR before that) with C, but didn't
have any seatwork of his own.

Likewise, 7 yo C was eager to start on a new level of Horizons math and
a new handwriting workbook.  She also ran off to do her first
lessons yesterday ... and was thrilled that the first lesson included a
dot-to-dot.  Ahh, the little things in life!  She completed
her last math workbook on Monday and was anxious for the new one to
come.  She had finished her italic workbook at the end of last
school year, so she hasn't been doing it for awhile.

Now, 9 yo R was not to be left out.  She was also happy to get her
new italic workbook.  She was oohing and ahhing over the pretty
cover picture.  She didn't get a new math workbook because she's
still finishing up the second Horizons 3 workbook from last year. 
Then she'll be switching to Saxon 54, which I already own. 

10 yo A didn't get anything for school yesterday, but the box did
include a birthday present for her which I hid away until Saturday,
when she turns 11.   We'll be having a family birthday party
with her local Grandparents and local Aunt, Uncle, and 2 cousins.

I was just reflecting on the blessing of growing children, the blessing
of homeschooling them, the blessing of their joy in schooling, and the
blessing of a box of new schoolbooks on the doorstep.  Thank you,
Lord!  We are truly blessed!!


  1. It's exciting for the principal of this homeschool to hear / see the reports of the little ones excited to begin learning.

    The teacher's a definite blessing, too!

  2. I honestly don't know who gets more excited, me or the girls, when the new books arrive! I love it too! I would have been ready to teach a lesson too! I love the fact that school is really something that they get excited about nearly everyday! Isn't it also wonderful to get such positive feedback from the Principal! Sweet!

    I also really enjoyed reading your thankful list for Thursday. I have so many of those things too! Sometimes I wish for a bigger house or to live closer to my family (mostly so the drive wouldn't be 10+ hours! ) Then the Lord reminds me that I can hardly keep this house clean and that His family is my family! God is so good! In Him, Eva

  3. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your answers to the contest!


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