Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Rowing We Will Go ...

Steve and I decided over Thursday and Friday that we are going to move 7yo C and 5yo J back to using Five In A Row for their main curriculum.  They do not enjoy Tapestry of Grace
as much as the older girls, and many of the book choices are rather
long and dry for them.  They really enjoyed the first 3 weeks on
Egypt, but the last 9 weeks have been less interesting to them.

I had been pondering moving them back to FIAR, but kept telling myself
the next 3 week "set" might be more interesting to them. (I plan our
ToG in 3 week "sets" since that is how long books can be checked out
from our library systems.)  But when Steve was home teaching them
this week he raised two concerns of his own.  One was the books
being over their heads and interest.  The other was their possible
confusion at being exposed to other beliefs at this age. 
Something I was also somewhat concerned about and often had to
rediscuss our beliefs as soon as we finished a book.  He
shared  my two nagging concerns.

So, we still love
Tapestry of Grace, but we've decided it just isn't for our youngest
students ... at the Lower Grammar level.  At least not the two
we're currently teaching at that level, who both struggle with focus
and attention levels anyway.

I originally had pondered keeping
my youngest students in FIAR anyway, since we love that curriculum so
much.  But I didn't want to plan and teach two different
curriculums.  But after putting 12 weeks of ToG under my belt, I
can see that switching them to FIAR isn't going to add to my planning
or teaching burden at all.  I'll still have to plan for them, it
will just mean picking up a different manual to do it from.  Since
neither of them are reading and the older two are struggling to keep up
with their own reading, I had to read every ToG assignment to the
younger two anyway.  So switching back to FIAR may actually be
less work for me in the long run. 

I'm excited.  I really had missed "Rowing" with my children.  And I discovered a whole website of FIAR type unit studies a few weeks ago that I can now explore with the children.  Very Exciting!! 


  1. Isn't it exciting and a huge relief when you are released in some way or another to go back to what works.

    In the past I've gotten caught up trying things with my girls that ended up not being how we school and in the long run - when we go back to the way GOD wants us to do ( after I fall on my face and give up and ask for His help - LOL) ,life is so much nicer.

    Have fun with your FIAR!!

  2. LOVE FIAR! So glad to catch a post from ya~you've been on my mind, and I've been missin' ya! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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