Thursday, August 3, 2006

Three Doctor Visits in One Week -- a new record!!

I took Baby L to the Dr. Monday
afternoon after she started wheezing aloud.  I could hear it even
without a stethoscope.  By the time we saw the Nurse Practitioner,
she was not wheezing aloud anymore, but the N.P. heard it with the
stethoscope.  She was prescribed some oral steroids and more
regular breathing treatments. 

Then Tuesday morning she
scared me by having an asthma-like attack with wheezing and coughing
and gagging.  She was also running a low-grade fever that
morning.  So back to the Dr we went, but by the time we got there
she was fine.  She had mucous rattling around in her lungs, but
that was all.  Dr. said to just keep doing what we had been doing
and bring her back later in the week for a re-check.

(Why is it that they're always better while you're at the Dr's office than when you're at home?)

Well, we already had scheduled a well-child check today, so it served
as her well-baby appointment and a recheck on the Reactive Airways
Disease.  Although she was wheezing last night, she has not been
today.  She did have alot of mucous rattling around in her lungs
while we were at the Dr's office, though.  She's improving, slowly.

She's also gaining quite well.  At 4.5 months, she weighs 16 lbs.
9 oz.  She's short for her age at 24 inches, but at the top of the
charts for weight.  I'm sure she'll slim down once she starts
crawling and walking.  All the other children did. 

Poor little girl is going bald, though!  We're shedding
together.  She had such thick dark hair when she was born, but now
it's just long wispies at the back of her head.  The top and sides
are all short stubble, and the new hair is lighter, too.

she's a cutie!  Rolling over, reaching for toys, scooting on the
floor, chewing on everything, grabbing glasses, blowing raspberries,
drooling, cooing, and watching everyone and everything!!  She
doesn't miss much.  She loves to sit up in our lap or stand ... no
lying down for her.  They don't stay little long ... she's growing
and changing so fast!

She's truly a blessing from the Lord!  They all are!!


  1. I hope she continues to get better!

    Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and change. My baby will be one this month! I can hardly believe how fast the year went by!


  2. Praying for your little one. Adding her to my prayer journal.

    Yes, they grow so fast. My baby is already TWO years old. This is the longest I have gone without and infant.

    Lance is wearing a diaper made my she has great prices.

    In Him,



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