Monday, September 11, 2006

Country Awakening

On Saturday morning, we attempted to
take my parents and sisters to an estate auction.  They love
estate auctions and we try to attend one whenever they visit. 
Well, this auction brought a new awareness of country living to

First off, it was not fun to get to.  Travel
north on this highway, then 3 miles west on this highway, then 3 miles
south on this gravel road, then 1 mile east on this gravel road, and
then 1/2 mile north on this mud road.  It had been raining the day
before, and all night, and all morning that day.  I think in dry
weather that road was supposed to be gravel, but it must need more
gravel, because on Saturday it was a mud road.  Either that, or
the farm was beyond where the "gravel road ends". 

ended up towing us up the hill on that mud road when we left.  We
managed to get partway up the hill, then the mud became too deep and we
were suddenly driving diagonally and sinking deeper and deeper. 
If we had not had Dad's BIG 4x4 truck to tow us up that hill, our
Suburban would either be in the ditch or still stuck in the middle of
the so-called road.  I can't imagine living on that road and not
able to go to town as a family in rainy weather.  Until Saturday,
didn't realize what country living means for some folks.

auction gave me a new appreciation for our homestead, its location, its
setting, and the house itself.  Our homestead sits just a couple
hundred feet off of a paved highway, on a nice gravel road.  Our
homestead has many wonderful trees and lots of shade.  Our
homestead house is very well-built and has wonderful wood floors and
"built-ins" inside.  It needs the paint updated inside and out,
and the wiring needs to be updated, and the roof needs to be stripped
off and replaced, but overall it's a lovely sturdy home.  It has
"good bones" and "good character" under the outdated persona. 

Until Saturday, I didn't realize how truly blessed we are with our
homestead.  Thank You, Lord!!  And thank you, Steve's


  1. It does sound like you are truly blessed with your homestead! I also enjoyed reading about your "weekend workaway."

    When will you be moving to your homestead?

    I can just imagine what a wonderful sight it was for you to see 5 kids playing outside all together. I can also imagine dogs and chickens right along with them! I'd love to see pics of your homestead! Holly

  2. you said "needs to be updated" (etc) ibstead of "needs updated." I'm all warm and fuzzy with grammar love! :-D

  3. I grew up on a five acre home. We were 1/8 of a mile off state maintained roads. And those roads were dirt/gravel (gravel when it was election year! Ha!) Anyway, there were hardships at times. When it snowed (VA), if it was more than a couple of inches, we would have to leave our car parked at the state road and walk up hill (almost the whole way :)) to our house. Usually carrying groceries and water for the storm! But as kids we could go play in the yard whenever we wanted. My mom would sometimes lock the door so we would stay out! We could sing or dance or play games and no one would see but the family. I miss being able to do that in my yard. I am exicted for you! I pray the work goes ahead of schedule so you can move in sooner! :) In Him, Eva


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