Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I have a king size bed, but I'm sleeping in a recliner

I have a confession to make.

couple months ago, when Baby L began having troubles with her Reactive
Airways Disorder, I began sleeping with her in the living room.  I
did this for 3 reasons:
a) so I could give her a breathign treatment in the night, if needed
b) so she could sleep at an angle on my chest in the recliner if needed
c) so she would be away from the Mama cat and kittens in our bedroom,
in case they were part of the cause of her breathing troubles.

Every now and then she'd get better and we'd move back to our room for
a few days.  Then she'd get worse and we'd move back to the living

During this time, I would lay down with 2 yo M on the
couch until he fell asleep.  Then I would carry him to his toddler
bed in his brother's room.

But then I had surgery for my
hernias.  Because I couldn't even lift Baby L at first, Steve
moved out to sleep on the couch.  If Baby L woke up, he got up and
gave her to me so I could nurse her.  Thankfully, she doesn't wake
too often at night, because he doesn't wake up easily and my aim was
off as I threw balls at him from my recliner.  (That's a good way
to get the giggles at 2 am, by the way, throwing soft balls at your
husband in the dark, with bad aim.  Although putting on my
glasses, did help ... somewhat.)

So, then we made a pallet for
2 yo M on the floor.  I couldn't carry him into his bedroom, so he
just slept on the floor beside the couch.   So, now there is
Steve on the couch, 2 yo M on the floor, me in the recliner, and Baby L
in the bassinet beside the recliner.

It's been a month since
my surgery, and I can carry Baby L now, but am not supposed to carry 2
yo M yet.  Steve and 2 yo M could return to their own beds, but
they haven't.  Steve decided he'd rather sleep on the couch where
there aren't kittens running across his chest than sleep in his king
size bed with the kittens using him as playground equipment.

So there you have it ... we have beds, but we aren't using
them.   The plan is to move back into our bedroom as soon as
the kittens are sold.  But first we'll have to give it a thorough
cleaning to rid it of cat hair and dander, for Baby L's sake.

I have to admit it seems pretty silly and I'm sure it looks
silly.  Steve and M have a small pile of blankets and pillows
folded up at one end of the couch.  We try to remember to move it
before company comes, but sometimes they show up unexpected. 

It does have its advantages, however. For instance, last night Steve
fell asleep at 10:30, but 2 yo M and I were still awake. I told M he
could watch a Wiggles DVD as long as he laid down on his "bed".  I
turned out the lights and turned on the Wiggles at a very very quiet
volume.  Then he laid down to watch them and fell asleep very
quickly.  Now, that was easy!!


  1. There are definitely some advantages to sleeping in the living room but I will be praying you are able to go back to your room soon! :)

    The sniffle story was so cute! I was laughing and my girls came to look at me funny too!

    I often wonder what it is in the brain that helps them finally put the sounds together as words. They can already speak them you would think they could "hear" the word as they sound it out. But one day soon she will get it! I just love to hear them teaching each other! My girls do this a lot with the youngest!

    Have a blessed day! In Him, Eva

  2. Since you can't be in your bed they are all following you to the LR. I think is especially sweet that DH sleeps on the couch to be near you. Sounds to me like the important things are in place.


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