Monday, September 4, 2006

A Special Father-Son Moment

Life Learning at its very best. 
Steve was outside changing the oil in our Suburban, so I decided to go
out and chat with him for a moment.  As I approached the Suburban,
I could hear Steve talking to someone.  As I reached the side of
it, I realized he was talking to our boys.

Then I came around
to the front of the vehicle to see Steve and both our 5 yo and 2 yo
boys lying under the front of the Suburban.  Steve was helping 5
yo J (or was it the other way around?) to grease something under
there.  Ah, what a special moment!!  A loving father teaching
his sons how to do manly things.

Steve is such a great
Dad.  When we visit the homestead, he often has his boys working
alongside him.  He's much better about letting the children help
him than I am.

By the time I was back with the camera, our 7
yo daughter was clued into a photo opportunity and she climbed under
there, too. 

But here's a picture of the special moment.


  1. I came across your blog from random blogging ... I love this post and the great picture ... what a great family moment :-)



  2. Now that is a special moment that daddy will always remember; all of the great help our children do for us!!!

  3. How precious!!!! What a great family you have!!


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