Tuesday, September 5, 2006

This week at our house

We took Labor Day off from 
homeschooling.  The children enjoyed alot of outdoor play and bike
riding.  They helped Daddy do some yardwork, too.  Except 11
yo A who is sick with the croup virus that the others had.  Hers
has been trying to turn into a sinus infection and bronchitis but we're
trying to fight it off with fluids, rest, and vitamin C.

My parents will be meeting us at our farmhouse on Thursday night, so
Friday will be a nature study day -- full of outdoor exploration, some
outdoor chores, and good family time.  We're going to take our
nature journals and Comstock's Handbook of Nature Study and try to have each child (hopefully even Mommy) make an entry in their journals.

So, we're dealing with 3 days in the middle to do our book work.

A & R are studying Ancient Greece this week in Tapestry of Grace
We are condensing the week's work into 3 days.  I tried to plan
less reading for this week so they wouldn't get overwhelmed. 
Today went well.  We also discussed outline note taking today and
chose a section of the encyclopedia to take notes from.  Tomorrow
we'll discuss cluster note taking instead.  9 yo R was complaining
about this when we first started but once we were done she said, "That
was fun!"  *smile*

C & J are doing a short simple unit study on Curious George that we found in the Primary Units at Homeschool Share
This one is a very basic study, more along the lines of Before Five In
A Row than Five In A Row.  But it's a good one to do when we only
have 3 days.  This is the first one of the free unit studies that
I've tried.  I'm looking forward to doing one of the more
complicated units in a couple weeks.  We're going to intersperse
them with our Five In A Row studies.

In addition to their math and italics, and the unit study, I sat down
with C and did a lesson from Reading Made Easy for the first time in
months.  She did pretty well with it, if I gave her plenty of time
to think when she got stuck.  She lacks confidence and will
whisper as she sounds out the words unless she is very confident she
knows that one.  I realized I need to encourage her to be willing
to try even if she isn't sure.

Well, that is what our short week is going to look like.  We may
have to lighten Thursday's load to make room for packing and preparing
for our weekend away, but that's one of the blessings of
homeschooling.  We can tailor our week's lessons to fit our life

Now, time to fold laundry!!

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