Monday, September 11, 2006

A weekend at the "farm"

Last Thursday night, we went out to our
little homestead.  We met my family there.  It rained Friday
morning, but it cleared up in the afternoon and the children enjoyed
playing outside.  Saturday it rained all day long, but it didn't
stop some of the children or the dogs from having fun.  We didn't
have time to sweep and mop before we left, but we'll have to do it when
we arrive next time.

Because of the weather, and some vehicle
troubles, we didn't accomplish great things.  Steve and my Dad did
several small things, though.  They repaired the bathroom sink
that was leaking, replaced the thermostat with a digital one, rehung
our bathroom towel bar, filled in holes in the wall left by a handrail
we removed, some weedeating, some work on the lawn tractor, and got our
Suburban running again.  They stayed quite busy despite the

I stayed inside taking care of Baby L, cooking,
doing dishes, meeting the children's needs, and even doing a little
reading on Friday. 

I took some pictures of my
favorite sight at our homestead.  From the kitchen window I can
often see the children running or walking past the old kennel.  I
see a line of them, walking and talking together, just enjoying being
outside and in each other's company.  I just love that
sight.  At home, they are too crowded by houses and neighbors and
the street to really get to do that.  But at the farm, they can
wander and explore outside for hours.  They can play however they
want without feeling "watched" by neighbors. I love that I see them off
in the "distance" because there is so much more room out there.  I
didn't see as much of that during the summer months, but since the
weather is cooling off, they were outside as much as the rain allowed
this trip.

We don't have a dog, but my parents and my sisters
do.  They brought both dogs this trip.  I know my parents and
sisters feel the same way about watching their dogs enjoy the freedom
outside, too. 

It will be so good to be moved out
there, so that can be a part of our daily life, instead of a weekend
getaway ... or more appropriately, "weekend workaway."

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