Saturday, October 7, 2006

Babies grow up so fast ...

Baby L is 6.5 months old now.  She's just hitting the milestones all at once. 

It was just 2 weeks ago that she switched from her caterpillar creepy
crawl to real crawling.  And it was just 2 weeks ago that she
began to sit up unsupported without falling over.  

Now, she's pulling up on things.  She can pull up to standing at a
laundry basket,  but not at the coffee table yet.  She pulls
up onto her knees at the couch, but not fully to standing yet. 
Any day, I'm sure.

This week, she also figured out how to
transition from crawling to sitting up on her own.  She's having a
blast exploring the house!

Two weeks ago she started saying
Mama ... although often it is mamamama.  She can be heard crying
maamaaa  and mamamama when she wants me.  This week she
suddenly started babbling other sounds, as well.  And yesterday
she said Dada, da, dadadada.  Steve is thrilled, of course.

Yesterday she said Dada, so I clapped my hands.  Then she clapped
her hands together twice, as well.  But, she hasn't yet repeated

And she's waving!  We had been wondering if she was
intentionally waving for awhile. She waved at our Dr. a month ago when
he was talking to her.  But it was very obvious this morning that
she was trying to wave.  Whenever we spoke to her, she'd lift up
her hand and smile at us.  When we waved at her, she'd raise her
arm up again.  Such a cutie!!

She blows raspberries, of
course.  Every baby has to do that.  It's no fun having
teething drool, if you aren't going to blow raspberries and soak
everyone, you know?

And she cut her first two teeth late last
month.  Those bottom center ones.  Now, she's working on
cutting her third tooth.  But it's one of the pointy little canine
teeth. I told her she skipped a couple teeth. 

usually such a happy smiling girl.  And she's such a short little
butterball!!  I love that when I'm nursing her, she pats my
face.  And after she's nursed to sleep, I get to snuggle my little
butterball in my arms. 

Oh, speaking of being
round.  I love when she's sitting or standing on my lap.  One
way I play with her is to take her hands and hold them above her head,
like a ballerina in third position.  Then I sing "I'm a
ballerina!  A little ballerina!" in a sing songy voice and bounce
my legs from side to side.  She sticks her tongue out and grins at
me.  Her arms are short and round and they barely fit above her
head.  It's just so cute, though!

She had very thick dark
hair at birth, but it all fell out.  It's finally growing back in
now, and she has 3/4 inch light brown fuzz all over her head now. 
Except one small triangle of dark hair at her neckline in back. 
So funny!! 

Yesterday, I told her she was our vacuum
cleaner.  Any hairs the vacuum misses, her little fingers and toes
find.  Even after I vacuum, I'll be untangling her fingers within
15 minutes, it seems.  And any crumbs that get missed, she spots
with her sharp little eyes, picks up with her dainty little fingers,
pops into her sweet little mouth, and begins to gum on them.  If
we don't notice her gumming on it, we'll soon hear her coughing on it
and then we get to clean up the spitup.  She is also our paper
shredder and compacter.  The older children are learning not to
leave papers on the floor.  She rips them up and eats them. 
Soon, we'll have to keep them off the coffee table, too.

still exclusively breastfed, but she has begun tasting some table
foods.  She sucked on a cheerio this week, and grabs for every
plate of food she sees.  She's sucked on popcorn before Mommy took
it away from her, too.  We bought some organic baby food for her,
but we want to get some baby cereal to give her first.  None of
ours eat baby foods very long.  They usually transition quickly to
eating our regular table foods.  Some have rejected baby food
completely and went straight for the real thing.  Hmm.  I
don't blame them.

I said she was a butterball.  When I
did the seasonal clothing switch, I got out every 6-12 month item,
every 9 month item, and every 12 month item for cooler weather that we
owned.  Hmm.  Let's just say that most of it will be put away
very quickly.  I think she'll be strictly wearing 12 months
clothes before the cool weather is really hear to stay.

changed so much in the past month, and she's such a joy!!  We're
so thankful for the blessing she is in our lives!!  Oh, she's
growing up so fast.

And as a reward for reading this whole long post ... a picture!


  1. What a precious little pumpkin you have there!

    Gayle :)

  2. She looks so much like your dh!

    What a sweetie.

  3. If they would just stay little 'til their Carters wear out...

    Oh they do grow up so fast! Too fast in so many ways, and yet not fast enough in others!

    Enjoy them,


  4. She's so lovely!

    Mine are usually exclusively breastfed until at least 6 months as well. And none of them liked baby food either. They went to table foods after 1st foods. Maybe it's because we start them later???

    Enjoy your blessings!


  5. All of our girls were born with dark hair which fell out too! I was so thrilled when I saw they had dark hair like their daddy! I nearly cried when they all became baldies with peach fuzz! The oldest didn't need her first hair cut until she was 2! Then she only needed the bangs cut! My first was also the size of a 2mo at 1mo; the size of a 4mo at 2mo, etc. She kept going like this until her 12 month check up when she was only the size of an 18mo.LOL Her two T's nearly did get worn out because she wore them two years in a row!

    Your butterball is a cutie pie! What a blessing to see all that growth happening each day! Have a wonderful day keeping up with the baby! Eva


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