Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Little Brag ... and Cleaning Up the Farmhouse

(double post from my Homestead Blog)

Well, I found out I was the Homestead Blogger Featured Blogger
Tuesday night when I was busy getting ready for another trip to our
homestead. We were all very excited, but I think my 9 and 11 yo
daughters are most excited.  We're all looking forward to
receiving the soy candles from Homestead Originals.  Thank you, Homestead Blogger and Homestead Originals

We had to go out to the homestead this week to clean up the mess we
left behind last time, because Steve's Uncle and cousins will be
staying there next week when they come to visit Grandma B.  All
that mud and dog hair and grass and dried leaves all over the
floor.  We just didn't have time to clean it up last time. 
We were there such a short time and had to be back by a certain time
that afternoon.

Steve's parents stayed there 2 days last week
while visiting Grandma B ... without SHEETS!!  I had brought them
all home to wash after our rainy, muddy, dog-hairy September visit, and
forgot to send any back with his parents.  This makes the second
time that has happened!!  I do have one extra set of sheets, and I
vow to always put them on the bed they use when I bring home sheets to
wash.  That bed needs to be made up at all times.

were out there Wednesday and Thursday this week with the goal of
mowing, cleaning house, visiting Grandma B,  and installing a new
toilet.  Well, Steve did mow with the girls' help.  I did get
the wood floors all vacuumed and mopped, the kitchen cleaned, and the
beds all neatly made with fresh sheets.  I closed all the storm
windows, and even got a last minute sweeping done before we left. 
We spent a couple hours on Thursday with Grandma B.  We surprised
her by joining her for lunch!  But we didn't get a new toilet put

We couldn't figure out the size of toilet we
needed, because we couldn't figure out the center of the drain hole
measurement from the wall, because this toilet has 4 bolts instead of 2
bolts.  We couldn't find a place to turn the water off, so we
could take the toilet off to measure, either.  We looked in all
the usual places, and some unusual ones, too.  Finally, at the
last minute, with some deduction and combining upstairs measurements
with basement plumbing measurements, we figured out it's a 12 inch
toilet.  But we still have to figure out how to turn off the water
so we can put a new one in.

I was holding a cranky Baby L at
one point on Thursday and reading a National Geographic article on
Tornado Chasers (something that fascinates me) and was thinking about
things I like about visiting the homestead.  We have no TV
reception, although we can watch videos.  No internet, although
there are some games there for the children to use on an old
computer.  No telephone, although we can use our cell phone when
we go into town.  So, it's just us.  Just quiet and peaceful
family time.  We do watch movies there, but in a limited

Home again, home again, jiggety jog!! 
We arrived home very late Thursday night, and we were up bright and
early on Friday.  The children and I all travelled 3.5 hours away
to deliver our last Persian kitten to its buyers.  We were gone
from 8:55 am to 5:15 pm.  Loooong day!!   Came home and
unpacked from the homestead trip.

Then this morning, Steve
got up and took 11 yo A off to her very first Bible Quizzing Meet
bright and early.  They're due home any minute.  It's been a
crazy hectic couple weeks, especially the last part of this week.

My house is a mess.  Steve still hasn't unpacked from a business
trip last week, I have laundry piled on top of piles in my bedroom, and
then we were given some clothes that only added to the laundry
pile.  I have my work cut out for me, but we are blessed, and I am

We have to get the house cleaned up now, keep
tackling Mt. Laundry, cycle all the children through the bath/shower
for church, and prepare my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. 

I hope you all have a Blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!!  I plan to. 

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