Tuesday, October 3, 2006

More two blog thoughts

I think I have figured out part of my two-blog dilemma. 

This is my 7th year of homeschooling, not counting preschool.  I
have reached a point of comfort and confidence in our homeschooling
methodology.  I have experience I can share with others at

I don't have as much to share at
homesteadblogger.com because we're just beginning our homestead
journey.  But, I have so much still to learn from others at

I don't want my blogs to be
mirror-images of each other.  And I don't want my homestead blog
to continue to have infrequent posts. 

But, I think I
have a solution.  I do have something I can share at each blog. I
can share our homeschool family experience at
homeschoolblogger.com.  And I can share the things we are learning
at homesteadblogger.com. 

For instance, I can share
tips on how we do manage two homes and frequent trips.  Perhaps,
sometime someone else will be in the same position we are in, and they
can learn from our mistakes and our journey.

So, I think I
have a direction for both blogs now, and I think I'll keep them
both.  Not as mirror-images, but as unique entities. Although,
there will be some duplicate posts and overlapping, because our life
isn't compartmentalized.


  1. I'm in trouble if blogs have to have something to offer!

  2. We both know I babble plenty. I don't really have a theme or lesson at either blog. I've seen some blogs like that, but mine are mostly a journal and chatting.

  3. I turned my homeschoolblog into My Book Nook and then have my main blog at homesteadblogger.

    I really like my homeschool blog, because I have the graphics just the way I want them, but I don't finish as many books as I would like to and no one ever reads it! lol. I love the homesteadblogger community because everyone is so friendly and I get a real sense of community there, I also find it much easier to write there for some reason. So I think the answer to my dilemma is to delete my homeschoolblog.




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