Monday, October 9, 2006

She's reading!!

7 yo C finally has had everything "click"
in place.  She's reading to me!!  She's read two of the
little Bob books to me the last two school days.  Neither one had
ever been read to her before, so she didn't have them memorized. 
These are very simple phonics readers, so we have alot of practice
still and learning more phonics rules.  But she's finally
ready!!  No more brick walls to slam into!!  We're making
progress!!  Her reward is that she gets her own library card later
this week.  What a wonderful blessing and encouragement.  I
just love when we cross this hurdle with each of our children. It opens
up so many new learning possibilities to them.  And it's always so
affirming to me.  Thank You, Jesus!


  1. Oh, congratulations!!!! That is so very exciting! My ds learned to read at age 7 also. It seems like a whole new wonderful world when they start reading! I also enjoyed reading all about your little one in the post below. What an adorable picture, too! Holly

  2. How fun!! Everything gets easier to teach once they know how to read! I'm still working on that with my 6.75 year old! She's getting closer.

  3. Contrats! I can't remember when reading "clicked" for me, but it was wonderful for both me and my mother! I'm glad for ya'll. :)



  4. What a happy day! Let her know that your blogging friends are very proud of her. Yahoo!

    I love your avatar. Did you make it?



  5. Your avatar would make a great picture to frame and hang up. It's so pretty. Thanks for sharing.



  6. That is wonderful news! I'm glad you shared this. What a milestone, congratulations you are doing the right thing!


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