Monday, November 6, 2006

Birthdays are over for the year

Beckie (Little Eblings Academy) commented on our family's ages, which made me read my sidebar again.  Oops!! I had 3 ages that were not current.  We've completed all our birthdays for this year, so I changed the sidebar to make Steve, A, and Baby L older. 

Of course, January through March will hold 4 more birthdays, and it will all change again. I'll have to update often during those months.

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  1. At the moment we're all odd, so I guess we're just before the beginning. ?1/?7/11/9/7/5/3/1 -- but dh's birthday this month will start the cycles of even birthdays. Then he'll be somethingdee-two. I won't say what because it'll make me feel old, compared to you younguns.


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