Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Boxes ... lots and lots of lovely boxes!!

While we were away visiting family, I placed some internet orders.  I couldn't order before we left, or they would have arrived while we were gone.  So, I ordered on Saturday and the first box arrived today!  Herbs ... which my children keep telling me are making the living room stink.  I think it smells good, but they disagree.

Plus, there were two boxes of Christmas presents here when we arrived home last night.  Steve's Dad had been keeping an eye on our cats and our house while we were gone, and he had placed the boxes inside for us.

I have an order of 3 CDs for Christmas, which might get delivered with today's mail.  Our new Tapestry of Grace, year 2, curriculum was mailed two days ago, so it should arrive within a week.  I have another order of health products and supplements that should arrive any day, too.

And ... the best one is the order which is coming in 3 different boxes.  Christmas and birthday presents!! 


I love mail ... especially boxes!!

With all these gifts arriving, I had better get moving and start wrapping presents.  Of course, in order to wrap them, I need to have a place to put them.  I have no idea when we're going to get the Christmas tree put up, though.   Maybe this weekend if Steve doesn't have to go to work.  So, as long as his software transition at work goes well on Friday, we can decorate for Christmas.  If there are any problems, though, he'll have to work.

And I need to start making our Photo Calendars we're giving as gifts.  I finally have everything ready ... I just need to start putting them together.

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