Monday, November 20, 2006

Defending your homeschool decisions

I was at Terry's HomeSweetHomeschooler blog today and she had a link to   HappyHomeschooler's blog about defending (or not) your family's homeschool choice.


I've actually heard this idea in La Leche League about setting boundaries and deferring arguments about your family's parenting decisions.  But HappyHomeschooler is right ... it also works with homeschooling choices. 

We don't have to debate about it.  We can politely let them know that it isn't open for discussion.

It's a great article -- go read it!

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  1. That strategy comes up a lot on the Well-Trained Mind boards. :) I think it's very wise.... state your position and change the subject. No sense arguing with people who probably won't change their minds anyway. Their minds are more likely to change watching a family over time, than in a debate. :)


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