Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Developing a Thankful Spirit

I am wavering between excitement over the holiday season, frustration that it isn't coming fast enough, and panic that I won't be ready in time.   So, I decided to take God's advice  (novel idea, huh?) to "Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

I am thankful for ...
  • salvation
  • my husband
  • my children
  • their love
  • their laughter
  • hugs
  • butterfly kisses
  • little voices
  • deep belly laughs
  • our home
  • a warm cozy bed
  • daughters who can fix lunch
  • help with the housework
  • my servants:  electric dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, etc
  • warm clothing
  • God's great and awesome provision
  • little blessings of finding "just what you wanted" at "just the right price"
  • thrift store finds
  • freecycle blessings
  • a hard-working husband
  • a loving husband
  • a gentleman
  • my husband's friendship
  • Steve's parents
  • my parents
  • our grandparents
  • a Godly Christian heritage
  • freedom to read my Bible and pray
  • freedom to attend church openly
  • a Bible-believing and preaching church
  • the fellowship of believers
  • our future home -- our homestead
  • preserving family heritage
  • children making gifts for each other
  • creative children
  • a full tummy
  • beautiful Fall colors
  • changing seasons
  • a working heater
  • a healthy family
  • memories
  • God's love
  • God's wonderful grace
  • God's mercy
  • God's forgiveness
  • the joy of the Lord
  • a new day to start over
  • restful sleep
  • being at peace
  • a crowded dinner table
  • being able to homeschool my children
  • teaching my children to read
  • being there when they finally get it
  • being able to choose what they learn
  • spending our days together
  • being able to sleep in
  • being able to do school in our pajamas, if we want
  • everyone working together
  • loving extended family
  • generosity of others
  • the ability to read
  • libraries
  • helpful librarians
  • our Suburban
I will add more another day.  My daughters are journalling things they are thankful for this week as their school assignment.  It is a blessing for me to do so, as well.  Sometimes we forget how blessed we are. 

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  1. Great list, I love the crowded dinner table, I may have to use that one too!

    'Tis the season to be thankful, may we all remember this lesson year round!

    Have a good one,



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