Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just give me the Stupid Mistake Bad Mom Award, please!

Steve was taking the children to the store, except Baby L and me.  I ran outside to tell him something.  The door was locked, but I didn't close it all the way.  As I ran out to the road, I thought to myself that I hoped L didn't crawl over and close the door.

I ran back to the house, and as I opened the screen door, the front door was sucked shut.  eek4

So, I ran back to Steve, who thankfully had not yet driven off.  He did not have his house keys.  Baby L was crying and I could not get in.  Steve gave me his jacket and unlocked the Suburban.  He told me to sit in it and he'd run to his parents to borrow their spare key. I had on shoes, but no socks.  I had on a long sleeve shirt, but only his thin jacket.  It's well below freezing here.  We've had an ice storm all afternoon.

I sat praying for Baby L and praying his parents would be home.  Got out after awhile to check on her, she wasn't crying, but she must have seen me through the tinted windows because she looked at me and started to cry.  I went back to the car and shortly after that, Steve returned. 

His parents were home but not answering the door.  Which means Dad was probably sleeping with a loud sound machine on and Mom was probably bathing.  Ugh!!

So, he decided to drive to his sister's house and use her phone to call his parents.  11 yo A stayed with me this time.  Soon, A was crying on the porch and L was crying inside.  A was crying that it was her fault.  If she hadn't decided to go with Dad, she'd be inside.  I told her this was NOT her fault. It was my stupid mistake.

I got A calmed down, but we stood shivering on the porch listening to L cry inside.  It was heartbreaking.

Finally Steve came home with the keys ... and let me in.  40 minutes of being in the cold w/o socks and only a thin jacket ... while Baby L cried inside.  frown 

Either give me the stupid mistake award, or the bad mom award.

She's happy now, snuggling on my lap as I type.  I'm so glad babies have short memories and forgiving hearts!!  I'm still waiting for my feet to get warm, though.  I'll be sipping hot cocoa any minute now, as soon as it cools down.


  1. we have a key in a little coded lock-box hiding in the garage for just such moments. After I locked us out of the house one winter, all the kids with me, but the car and house keys inside. My neighbor drove to get Dale (which we were on our way to do) while we sat in the car shivering.

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad everyone is ok. We have a code entry on our garage door.

  3. Sending hugs your way!!


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