Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Reclaiming our home -- Auction update

We now have the bunk bed, dresser, and 2 night stands placed and the bedroom rearranged and situated.  We actually only placed the bunk bed and the dresser in that room, the two night stands are serving as shoe cubbies near the front door instead (somethign I've long desired).  I still need to help them sort out some toys to store for awhile, and reorganize their toy shelf.  But that can wait a bit.

We reclaimed the living room yesterday and moved out all extra stuff.  Made a place for the baby walker we were given for Baby L, too.  Thankfully, it will not be a permanent addition to the living room.

Yesterday, two Goodwill boxes were carried out to the truck to donate later this week. I have one tote box filled with ebay stuff, and one tote box over-filled with yard sale items. I need to repack them both to protect breakables, then they can be moved out of the kitchen into storage.  The ebay box will stay in the house to be tackled a little at a time.  The yard sale box will be put away until yard sale season returns.  Three empty boxes went to recycling yesterday, as well.

But, I still have several boxes cluttering up the kitchen.  Unfortunately, alot of it is there because I can't decide what to do with it.  Maybe I need to add another tote for the "confused items".  Then Steve can help sort out the "confused items" when he is home.

I managed to clear up the laundry area enough that I can do laundry, as long as I'm careful.  I can't leave any laundry baskets out there at the moment, but I can still wash and dry.  So, I hope to finish catching up on the laundry today. I folded several loads last night, but the 3-bin laundry hamper is still full.  I need to get it empty before everyone undresses tonight and fills it up again.

I'm sure this sounds totally foreign, chaotic, and just plain crazy to some people.  But we really do love going to auctions.  We've found many great bargains at auctions.  And when the auctioneer has two boxes of stuff that no one is bidding on, you can get them both for $1 or $2.  Then the sorting begins.

Some surprises we found in these boxes ...
  • A small wooden hand painted stein from Sweden (my husband's heritage)
  • Two little wooden apples with a metal loop on top ... added red ribbon to make Christmas tree ornaments
  • An old crackled glaze pitcher
  • A hobnail milk glass cruet with stopper ... not sure if it's for vinegar or perfume
  • Several really neat mugs to replace my boring old mugs
  • A beautiful soft red-violet afghan  (it's MINE, I tell you!)
  • Some lovely baskets for making gift baskets
  • A wooden wall shelf which 5 yo J now has in his room to set his treasures on, much to C's delight since she no longer has to share her shelf
  • A metal 2 tier shelf now sitting on A & R's dresser for their lotions, deoderants, perfumes
  • A small wooden handcarved table with 3 legs from India which will be given to my sister who likes ethnic things and Indian foods
  • A black metal canister and lid with enamel flowers painted on it ... just like the one my Mom used to keep our hair things in growing up, only larger.  Guess what it now has in it?
  • Two framed pictures now hanging on A & R's wall.
  • A framed Christian print now hanging on C & J's wall
  • A framed Christian print now hanging in the master bedroom
  • An attack cat plaque now hanging in my bathroom
  • 2 framed Home Interiors prints I'll be giving my Mom for her master bedroom
  • A framed poem we'll be giving to Steve's Dad
  • China teacups we'll be selling on ebay
  • A framed apples Home Interiors print we'll be selling ... unless my sister-in-law still collects apple stuff for her kitchen and sees this and says she wants it
  • Two copper tea kettles we'll be selling
  • A little antique gift book we will try to sell
  • A cross-stitched table cloth, whose fate we're still trying to determine
  • A ceramic canister and spoon holder set that Steve wants us to keep
  • A ton of nice things that we'll be able to sell at a yard sale, but not on ebay
  • And the list goes on and on ...
This is the most we've ever brought home at once, so it has been overwhelming, but we do enjoy a good auction and the surprises in the $1 and $2 boxes.  And when we resell some of the items, we recover some of our costs.  Sometimes, we fully recover our costs if we don't buy large items to keep.

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