Thursday, November 9, 2006

She's one BIG baby!!

Well, Baby L is doing very well.  She's 7.5 months old.  She'll be 8 months in 11 days.  She had a well-baby visit today and the doctor was very pleased with how she's doing. 

He gave me a second prescription for her thrush since it isn't going away with natural treatments or the nystatin she finished.  He also gave me an eye ointment prescription I can fill if I need to for her gooky eyes.  I'll wait and hope it clears up on its own, first.

weighed in at a whopping 19 lb., 7.5 oz.  and measured 26.5 inches.  Yikes!!  She gained 2
inches and over 2 lbs. since her last visit.  That gave me a moment of panic
wondering if our infant seat went to 20 lbs or 22 lbs. I checked when
we got home, and thankfully it goes to 22 lbs.  Thank the Lord!!  So
we're still safe to wait until after Christmas to buy her a new convertible
car seat.

He was glad to hear I'd only had to give
her 2 or 3 breathing treatments, 2 weeks apart since her last visit. 
While we were there, she did her "rattly chest for a couple minutes, then cough it up and be fine" thing.   It doesn't concern me, and it didn't concern him, either. 

She goes back in February.  Hopefully, she won't have to go in with an illness between now and then. 

I placed an order last night with our buying club to stock up on herbs for her.  I ordered Herbs For Kids Echinacea/Eyebright which helps decrease mucous production.  I ordered Herbs For Kids Horehound extract which helps with coughs.  I ordered Hyland's Dissolving C tablets to help boost her immune system.  I ordered a liquid Lobelia and also Mullein Tea which are also both helpful in dealing with coughs and asthma type issues.  And on the advice of an herbalist we know, I ordered  1 lb. of sage to simmer in water on the stove when she's having breathing troubles.  With the liquid elderberry, and the Herbs For Kids Cherry Bark blend we already own, I should be set for the winter colds and flus.

I'm a little nervous about how a cold will affect her, since she had the Reactive Airways flare-ups during the allergy season this Summer.  I'm bracing myself for colds to settle into her chest and cause more asthma-like attacks.  Hopefully it won't, as she already has quite a bill at the Dr.'s office.  But I'm preparing myself for that possibility.


  1. Praying your baby continues to go in good health.

  2. We have been using them for about 4 years and I am fairly pleased with them. I also use some homeopathy and essential oils (although not together of course) and lots of vitamins. We stay fairly healthy. Something else you might want to consider is cod liver oil. Taking a dose of that daily can be very good for your dc as well. We do that and the kids don't really mind taking it.


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