Friday, December 8, 2006

Fun Christmas Craft for Kids

I can't remember where I read about this.  I'm searching my email and blogs, but can't find it.  I've had the link open on my browser for days, and finally got around to showing it to the children today.

I don't know if your children have those plastic, meltable beads for craft projects.  Mine have tons!  If yours have them, or if you are close to a store where you can run out and buy some, you can find alot of neat Christmas projects (and other holidays) at the website:  Perler Beads.  Just click on the link for Projects on their left sidebar. 

Our five older children are now settled around the kitchen table happily creating Christmas ornaments.  The TV is off.  No one is running around.  No one is fighting.  No one is screaming.  No one is banging on anything. 

What a blessing!! 

The baby is napping and I think I'll go turn on some Christmas music ... right after I settle everyone down again ... my 11 yo apparently doesn't want the 2 yo to climb on the table. 

Here are their first ornaments:



  1. Those look like fun! I especially love the snowflake. Thanks for entering my contest!

  2. Those look really great. I'm sure you are enjoying the quiet.

    I really like the snowflake!! I'm sure you are sick of seeing snow.



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