Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gifts in a Jar and Date Night

That's an odd combination, but that's what I have on my plate today. 

While the children finish up their lessons this afternoon, I'll be making Gifts in a Jar for the pastors and sunday school teachers at our church.  It's become a tradition each year.  One of the pastor's wives always gave me back my jars, fabric circles, and ribbon every year in the hopes of getting them again the next year.  I wish they all did that, because I'm going to have to buy new jars eventually.

Tonight my husband and I are going out on a date.  Dinner and a movie.  It will be our first date since Baby L was born 8.5 months ago.  We had a date right before she was born, but nothing more than a movie at home since then.  Baby L will be going with us since she's still almost exclusively breastfed, but we're used to taking babies on dates with us.  We enjoy it, actually!

Oops!  I just remembered we attended a work-related dinner in October.  That was kind of like a date, but not really.

I'm looking forward to both things:  the gift making and the date night!

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