Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Scrapbooking baby books

I have created a First Year Scrapbook for each of our children.  My original intent was to keep it an ongoing scrapbook, but I've struggled to just get the First Year done.  At the moment, M's is only half done, and he'll be 3 years old on Saturday.  And Baby L's isn't even started yet.

But I spent some of my Christmas gift money on a scrap tote, to help organize photos, memorabilia, papers and stickers in.  And last night, I sat and organized the things I need to finish M and L's scrapbooks. 

I have no craft room.  I have our living room and the eat-in kitchen/schoolroom/laundry room.  I usually scrapbook in the evenings, after the children are in bed.  And since that is my time with Steve, I try to do that in the living room.  But I haven't scrapbooked in several years because I usually have a baby or toddler awake late at night with us.  And I can't sit at the coffee table or on the floor to work with little fingers grabbing at my stuff. 

But, when I was working on the photo calendars we gave as Christmas gifts this year, I started setting up a card table in the living room to work at.  And when I was done, I just put everything away.  It enabled me to work while M and Baby L were still awake, and still be in the same room with Steve.  It even enabled me to work during the day while the children were playing.

I feel pretty stupid for not thinking of it sooner, but I'm glad I did now.  I'm looking forward to adding scrapbooking back into my evenings, and blessing my family with memory albums.

Besides the baby albums, I really should update the family album ... which ends at our engagement. 


  1. I love your idea about the calendar!! I think I'll try it for next Christmas. That way I can actually take pics (if we get a new camera) of our homeschool activities and even scan some artwork into the computer to use. I make my own digital scrapbook pages already so I think I'll go that route for the Calendar pages. Awesome Idea, Thanks. Casondra


  2. I keep meaning to scrapbook more... we should start an on-line scrapbooking accountability group! lol!

    Or not, I'm not good with pressure!

    Have fun with the scrapbooking that you do get done, it's always so much fun to go through old pictures!

    Enjoy them,


  3. I have stacks of photos that I have not put in the albums! One thing I do before I put the new photos in the stack is I write on the back the names of the people in the photos and sometimes the dates. This helps later when I can't remember what happened first! I wish I could make myself put them away right then too, but I haven't gotten that down yet! I guess it would help if I could easily get to my albums! :)

    It was so sweet to hear about your little one walking! That is such a fun time! Our first did it at 10mo but the second was over 14 mo! I was so ready for her to walk! :)

    Have a blessed day! In Him, Eva


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