Friday, January 26, 2007

We need a Germ-Killing Bomb at our house

My brother-in-law said we needed a "good bomb".  We thought about the medieval times when they burned sulphur in homes and towns to kill the plague germs.  But, that doesn't really seem practical for our home.

We have a virus or two floating around, again.  The boys have both run fevers for 12 hours and thrown up once or twice each.  Followed by cold symptoms.  The girls seemed to skip that and just have a cold.  Baby L has a fever and cold symptoms, but she's also teething.  She cut her 3rd tooth yesterday, but she has 5 more still trying to push through.

I don't know if we have one virus, which is just presenting differently from person to person, or if we have two different viruses.  I do know that I'm tired of sickness.  Jan. 21 was my first time in church since Dec. 24.  But it looks like I'll be missing church again this week.

We also had to postpone R's 10th birthday party to next weekend.

But at least we can still continue with school, even if we do have to modify it a bit.

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  1. Have you thought about taking chlorox to the door knobs, light switches, toilet and sink handles, etc? If you aren't sensitive to the chlorox, that can be helpful. (Chlorox Clean Up is a cleaner that has chlorox in it, or use the chlorox wipes. You can get a huge number of these for about $7 at Costco.) You might have to do it every day for awhile. When I feel we are passing everything around, this seems to help.


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