Tuesday, February 6, 2007

ElCloud Hair Salon and Tiny Steps!

Last night I set up my hair salon, and proceeded to take care of 5/8 of the family.  I began by taking care of shaggy J's hair and made him look decent again.  Then I wrestled little M into the chair and managed to get his hair cut.  For some reason, his blonde hair never looks as shaggy as J's, so he gets less hair cuts.  It looks too short when it's freshly cut, but J's hair looks just right. 

After the boys, I trimmed the back of C and R's hair.  I didn't take very much off their length.  I trimmed an inch off of C's hair, and about 1.5 inches off of R's hair.  11 yo A declined to have her hair trimmed this time, and Baby L just doesn't need hers cut yet.  I have to decide if we're going to do bangs with Baby L or not.  We've always cut bangs for our girls, but I'm not sure if I want to for Baby L.

Once the children were trimmed, it was Steve's turn.  Thankfully, it hadn't been too long since his last hair cut.  I'm afraid that his hair has been getting pretty long between cuts since Baby L was born.  But not this time.  He has a couple important meetings this week, and I'm glad we were able to get his hair neatly trimmed before his meetings.

I still need to trim my own bangs, but I'll get that done sometime this week, before Friday when we have R's birthday party here at our house.  We had to delay it twice, but we're all getting better now, and there shouldn't be any further delays.

Baby L has been taking longer walks this week.  It was so funny to watch her during the Super Bowl.  She was feeling brave Sunday night and kept taking longer and longer walks.  She gains confidence every day now.  I love watching little toddlers concentrating so hard as they take those first tiny steps, slowly gaining confidence and strength.  During the Super Bowl, I would cheer for her after she took 4 or 5 steps ... and then she'd stop and look at me with a surprised expression.  I finally stopped cheering until she'd reached her destination, because my cheering was breaking her concentration and distracting her from her goal.  Such a chubby cutie!

That's life at our house.  We're just loving each other and going about our business each day.  I'm thankful and blessed to be home with my children each day.


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  1. I was just adding this to my "I want to learn" list. How did you ever learn how to cut everyone's hair? Please do share!




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