Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break

We let our Spring Break coincide with the break in my parents town, because they usually come visit us during their Spring Break.  So, last week we diligently worked while the rest of the town played.  But this week, we get to play ... but first we have to work. 

My parents will be here (not sure if my 16 yo sister is coming along or not) later this week.  So we have Monday through Wednesday to do some cleaning and organizing first.  But we'll get some play time in, as well.  At the moment,  7 yo C is drawing, 3 yo M is looking at catalogs, 1 yo L is napping ... and the other 3 are playing Life:  11 yo A, 10 yo R, and 6 yo J. 

Baby L ... well she's not such a baby now ... so 1 yo L has been entertaining us.  She's just so cute!!  We love watching her pudgy little body toddling around.  The other day I was singing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout" to her.  Short and stout describes her well.  Her hair is beginning to look girly, with longer wisps curling out at her ears.  Her smile and eyes are so sweet and beautiful, although we are learning they can be mischievous at times, too.  She loves to climb and looks so proud of herself when she succeeds.  She's learning new words, and loves to say "Peek-boo" and "uh oh" right now.  She likes to cluck her tongue on the roof of her mouth and thinks it's a kissy sound.  So if you blow a kiss to her, she'll cluck her tongue against her hand like she's blowing a kiss to you, too.  And if you tell her "No no, give that to Mommy" she grins, giggles, and runs away.  Ornery thing!

It will be a fun week.  We always enjoy my parents' visits, but we're also going to have Baby L's 1 yo birthday party on Saturday night.  It will be wonderful to have both sets of Grandparents here, as well as Steve's sister's family.  We rarely are able to have my family at the birthday parties, since they all moved south.  And 1 yo L has changed so much since my parents last saw her in November.

On Sunday morning, my oldest daughter is going to be baptized at church.  I'm so proud of her.  She's been talking about baptism for a couple years.  She took her time deciding she was ready to take that step, and working up the courage to go in front of the whole church.  But she finally asked to be baptized, and we're proud of her.  And it will be special that both sets of grandparents will be present, as well.

We're enjoying the arrival of Spring.  We have daffodils, white lilacs, and grape hyacinths blooming already.  There are also two other early Spring bulbs blooming in my front flower bed, but I do not know what they are called.   The weather has been so pleasant with temperatures in the upper 60s and 70s.  It's been humid at times, but we're still enjoying it. 

And I hope you're enjoying Spring at your house, as well.


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  1. ooh you should post a picture of your unknown bulbs so we can figure it out for you!

    My squill have just started blooming, and one daffodil has a bud, but that's all I've got right now.

    have a good time with your families!


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