Monday, April 16, 2007

Fall Festival Homestead Tour (from homestead blogger)

This was posted last Fall at our ElCloud Homestead blog.  I just realized this week I never posted it here.  So, here it is:

Some pictures of our homestead, taken last year.  Now, our homestead is quite old.  Our outbuildings are a mix of ancient ones his great-grandparents used, and more modern ones built by Steve's grandparents. 

Steve's grandfather did alot of gardening and landscaping.  But for 20+ years, it has been unattended and left to itself.  We have alot of taming and reclaiming to do.  But we are thankful for such a wooded and shady homestead.  That is very rare in this part of the midwest.

The house obviously needs a paint job and a new roof, as well.  But this is our 7 acre homestead, where we hope to move.

The old milk house and windmill.

The old granary, which needs to be torn down, unfortunately.

The driveway side of the house.

The old kennel.  Seeing the children running free in the wide spaces is one of my favorite sights when we visit the homestead.

A view from the end of the driveway, out toward the mailbox across the gravel road.

My favorite view, out across his Grandma's field, at the hill across the highway. Sometimes we can see cattle on this hill.

The side yard and tree line.

The old water garden and trees outside the kitchen window and back porch, looking toward the garage.

The front end of the house, although it needs sprucing up.  The back porch has been used as the main entry for years and the front entry has become lost in the shrubbery.

The back porch.

And the old milking barn/kennel.

Some of the treed areas that need to be reclaimed.

And a picture of R next to Grandma's hay bale in her field just behind the milking barn.  She didn't believe it was really that tall, until we told her to go stand beside it.

And that's our little bit of country!


  1. What an amazing place. How beautiful! What a blessing.

    Thanks so much for sharing those pictures!

  2. How lovely, April! I'm so glad to be able to "see" the farm finally.

  3. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures! I remember growing up on 5 wooded acres next to a lake. It was a wonderful way to grow up! I agree that sometimes it is so hard to let the girls go outside knowing we are so close to people who may want to hurt them! Also we can't even play a game of softball because of the lack of room! I am praying for you as you continue to work on living there!

    Love the new picture at the top! So cute! I know about the name thing! I have gotten used to mine now, but I didn't realize what I was doing when I chose it either!

    Have a blessed week! In Him, Eva


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