Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Family and Our Farmhouse

We went to our farmhouse Thursday night.  We got a late start, unfortunately, so we didn't arrive until after 1 am.  But we were able to sleep in both mornings, which was a blessing. 

It was raining all day Friday, so we weren't able to mow or do yard work.   Steve did some maintenance on his mowers, though.  Then we went to the nursing home after lunch to visit with Steve's Grandma.  His parents were also there.  It was a sad day, because we were moving the last of her belongings from her Assisted Living room, to the nursing care side of the nursing home.  She is Steve's last remaining grandparent, and this is the fourth time we've had such an obvious sign of her aging.  Early in our marriage, she closed her kennels and they had a farm auction to sell most of the farm and kennel equipment.  Then she was later moved into the nursing home, and we helped move some of her belongings into the nursing home.  Then there was the auction that sold her belongings and the farmhouse with 7 acres -- which we bought -- she rents out the rest of her farmland.  And now we've moved her yet again ... to a smaller room in the nursing care side of the nursing home.  It's sad, but she seems to be handling it well.  She has a private room, at least.

We woke up to sunshine Saturday morning, and were able to mow.  Finally, Steve has a working mower out there.  For 2 years, we've struggled to keep a mower running.  The John Deere lawn tractor we bought used has been in the shop more than it's been out of the shop.   So, Steve has spent hours push-mowing ... but last Fall the push mower started acting up, too.   We bought a used Cub Cadet riding mower over the winter and it worked wonderfully for Steve this weekend.  What a wonderful blessing!

We also went into town to visit his Grandma again on Saturday, and to move out the last two pieces of furniture she couldn't fit into her new room.   Steve's sister and her family were there to visit.  Grandma's birthday is a week from today, so we all wanted to wish her an early happy birthday.  We didn't get to stay long.  We had to get back to the farmhouse to pack, mow, clean up and "shut down" the house until our next visit.

It was another late trip home ... we got home at 12:30 am.  It was so hard to get up for church this morning, but we had commitments to keep.  It was a good day in the Lord's House, and now I'm working on the weekend's laundry.  Tonight I'll plan the week's lessons, as well. 

It was good to be at the farmhouse.  We love being there.  3 yo M asks to go there all the time.  When we get in the car, he asks how long until we get to the farmhouse ... even if we're only heading to Wal-Mart.  He nearly fell asleep riding on the Cub Cadet with Steve on Saturday.  He enjoyed himself so much.  We're looking forward to moving there ... someday.


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