Monday, April 23, 2007

Thank your librarians!

Last week was National Library Week.  I found out this weekend that I had missed it.  But it's not too late to tell our librarians thank you.  My older girls have made cards for our librarians, the younger children will draw pictures, and I will also write a thank you note to them.  I'm also planning to take a tray of baked goods to the library with our notes later this week. 

I have meant to do this for so many years and never have.  We have always used our library system regularly, but we have relied heavily on it over the past year for our homeschool.  We have not bought any books to use with Tapestry of Grace (other than our Story of the World spine) and have used the library instead.  I have come to appreciate my librarians so much more this year.  They have found Inter-Library Loan books for us.  They have compiled books I requested over the internet for me, enabling me to simply drop in and pick them up at the front desk.  They have bought educational children's books I suggested they purchase. 

I've been so impressed with them this year, and it's time we thanked them.  They are cheerful, tolerant of our family, welcoming, and so helpful.  They work hard to keep the library organized and operating well, and still go out of the way to help us. 

So, if you love your librarians as much as we love ours ... tell them!  Everyone loves to be appreciated and affirmed, even librarians.  *smile*


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  1. Thank you for the reminder! I usually bring in a cinnamon coffee cake, but didn't realize last week was the week!

    I love my librarians, too-they are the best!

    I also enjoyed catching up with you while reading your blog-the last few of your posts were very thought-provoking & encouraging. Thank you.

    I love the pic of your childrens' feet up at the top. Holly


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