Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Black Hole Under My Computer

Our computer is on a desk (big metal office desk) in the corner of our living room.  The desk is an ugly shade of light puke green that was once so popular in offices, but it doesn't matter because you can't see most of it.    The computer monitor, CPU, printer, keyboard, wrist pad, mouse and mouse pad, and piles of paper cover the top of it nicely.  And since it's in a corner behind the couch most people can't see the front of it, either. 

But that's beside the point.  The point is that underneath and around this desk is The Black Hole.  Although since our carpet is light gray, maybe it's The Gray Hole.  And the dust bunnies under there are gray, too. 

Every now and then I drop something.  And I bend over (while still sitting in my office chair) and I push the chair back as far as it can go before bumping into the bookshelf full of VHS videos we still watch and aren't getting rid of.  And with my head hanging upside down, I look for whatever item I've dropped, while rolling the chair from side to side to get a better view.  And when that fails, I get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the desk and under the chair (and it's a really tight fit) and try to find it.

Most of the time, the item is gone.  Like the piece of fruity circular cereal ring I just dropped, it's gone.  Disappeared.  Lost somewhere between the desk and the wall, poked between boxes of computer disks and 12-packs of soda and 6-packs of orange flavored white tea I'm supposed to be drinking.  I'd  never even heard of white tea before this month.

As a home maker, I'm trying to ignore how many other pieces of food I might have dropped down there.  I'm thankful we don't have a pest problem, because if we did, I'm sure The Gray Hole would suit them quite well.  Then I'd be peeking under the desk before I sat down, and sitting cross-legged with my feet up off the floor.

One of the things that was lost  in the abyss this year, was a special coin of Steve's that he had bought for his collection.  It was on the wrist support on the computer desk.  Someone shorter than an adult came along and put their hand on the edge of the computer (and wrist support) which flipped the wrist support off the desk, along with the coins.  Alas, despite my contortions and the shifting of boxes, I found one coin, but not the other. 

Someday, we'll move.  When we do, we'll pull out this heavy desk, and all the boxes under and around it.  And when we do, we'll have to hope we don't have any helpers to see everything that disappeared into THE GRAAAAYYYY HOOOOLLLEEE   (imagine that in a weird 60s echoey voice from a 60s sci-fi tv show).  Because that could be embarrassing.

Oh, alright ... I'll confess.  Every now and then, when doing work on the computers, Steve pulls everything out of this corner (except the desk) and vacuums/dusts all around the area.  So, I'm sure sometime before we move, he'll have to do something to the computer and he'll clean up the area.  I just hope he doesn't vacuum up anything important -- like his coin. 

And now you know that Spring cleaning is not my forte'.  But I'm taking comfort in the fact that surely every other home MUST have a black or gray hole too.  It has to be one of those Murphy's Law things, right?  I hope.

I think I need to create a new category for posts like this -- something like "No, I'm not perfect".   Although anyone who reads this blog regularly or knows me in real life should already know that.


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  1. GiffordBabyJournalMay 2, 2007 at 6:21 AM

    I am so thankful that there are others out there. You know the ones that do exactly the same thing you do and are willing to step out there to be seen! I feel so much better now! ;o)



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