Thursday, June 14, 2007

Clotheslines, gardens, and bees

For the first time in 3+ years, I have cloth diapers hanging on my clothes line.  We took it down to build a larger shed over 3 years ago, and never put it back up.  I "planted" it last Friday, and we put new clothesline in it on Saturday.  But the weather didn't cooperate for me to use it until today.  I tried to hang diapers on Monday, but I was getting sprinkled on, so I took them back down.  And then it never really rained. 

My clothesline is one of those umbrella tree ones that can be folded down, but we never fold it.  Diapers hung on my umbrella clothesline aren't as cute as a long one, but I still love the look of them hanging out there.  And I love what the sun can do for them:  remove stains and kill bacteria.  It's almost time to bring them in.  I'll give the fitted diapers a tumble in the dryer to finish drying them and keep them from being too stiff.

We just planted our tomatoes, peppers, and egg plants on Tuesday night, but the tomatoes aren't looking very good.  Maybe they're allergic to our soil.    I just went out and watered them, hoping that would perk them up.  I've been watering at night, but maybe I need to water morning and night.  THe peppers and eggplants look great, though.  Hmm.  I hope they survive and flourish.

3 yo M got his first bee sting today.  He stepped on one in the clover, and it stung him on the back of his heel.  We iced it immediately, and it's fine now.  No swelling, even.  Although we may not find out until he's stung a second time if he's going to be allergic to them or not.  Bee sting allergies run in my family, but they skipped over me.  This is actually only the 2nd bee sting for our 6 children in nearly 12 years of parenting.  Wow!  How does that happen?

Time to go get those diapers off the line, and read to some munchkins!


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