Monday, June 25, 2007

Tip of the Day -- Start Your Christmas Notebook

Today's tip is to start your Christmas notebook.  Yes, I know it's June, but if you're like me you need to start early. 

If nothing else, start making notes of the things your children are interested in.  Keep a file on the computer, or a list on paper, of anything that would make a good gift idea for those you know. 

My family always wants gift idea lists for the children.  We found out the hard way that we need to offer each family member who asks for one a different idea list (too many mix-ups and duplicate gifts in the past).   If I didn't keep a running list on the computer, I would have no ideas to offer them.  Making one list is easy, but 4 lists?

In addition, we shop for our parents, our siblings, and our nieces and nephews.  I keep a list of ideas for them on the computer, as well.  My mind is pre-occupied with homeschooling, housework, and the details of taking care of my family. If I don't write a gift idea down when I think of it, I'll never remember it when I'm ready to shop.

I also keep a list of craft ideas I might like to make and give to Sunday School teachers and Pastors at church.  When I hear of a craft I think I could do (especially if it's low-cost and not time-intensive) I make a note of it.

Some people keep lists of gifts given or received in the past.  I'm sure this can be helpful, but it's not a level of organization I've achieved yet.  Maybe someday.

Organized Christmas Website
has printable Holiday planner pages you can use to create a Christmas Notebook.   There are even pages to use to break the housework down into different weeks before Christmas.  You can do the same thing with Christmas crafts you're planning, as well as setting goals to finish shopping, finish wrapping, finish sending cards, etc. 

Organized Christmas Website
also has a Rudolph Club.  The idea of the Rudolph Club is to use the 25th of every month as a day to work on your Christmas plans.   Perhaps that would be helpful to you.

If you haven't started planning for Christmas already, use the Summer months to start planning.  It'll be easier to do now than it will be once school has started again. 

If you have started planning, take time today to work on your plans.  Do you need to make some new lists?  Do you have any new ideas to add to your lists?  Is there anything else you can do to make this year's holiday season more enjoyable, and less stressful?  Write it down, before you forget!

April E.  (ElCloud Homeschool) is a Homeschool Mom of 6.  She has homeschooled for over 7 years, and enjoys sharing the things she's learned in her homeschool journey with others.

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