Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two more tips for teaching the easily distracted child

I thought of two other tips for teaching the easily distracted child this morning. 


One would be to make sure their work space is clear of clutter and distractions.  Remove random papers or pencils that could lead to fidgeting and distractions. 


The other is to let them have something like silly putty, modeling clay, or one of those squishy "stress" balls to fiddle with.  Having something they can mindlessly mess with in one hand while working may help their focus.  I know it helps when you need them to listen and comprehend while you're reading or someone is teaching/lecturing.




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  1. Good ideas once again!! I'll try that with Ethan. He gets pretty fidgety, and day dreams alot. Even a small piece of waded up paper becomes a distraction for him.



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