Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Are we going to the farmhouse?"

We have a problem.  Every time we get in the car to go somewhere, our 3 year old asks, "Are we going to the farmhouse?"  or, "When will we get to the farmhouse?"  

We can say, "Hey, kids, let's go to Walmart!"  And he'll still ask, "When will we get to the farmhouse?"

When we tell him we aren't going to the farmhouse, he'll then ask, "Are we going to Papa and Grandma and Aunt Sarah's house?"  (800 miles away!) 

"No, we're going to Walmart and then home again."

And he cries.

At least we know he loves visiting the farmhouse, and is eager to move there.  And visiting his distant grandparents and aunts must be his next favorite thing. 

Silly silly boy!  You'd think he'd realize that either of those trips is going to take more planning and time than grabbing the diaper bag and his water cup like a trip to the store takes.


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