Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rearranging Ramblings and Ponderings

I've been doing some rearranging to try to get more room in our house.  I put away the electric piano for the moment, and moved a chest and the doll house that sits on it out of a child's bedroom to the living room.  I organized some things stored in my bedroom to make room for our pregnant cat  (and all her stuff) to move in there until her kittens are born and big enough to roam the house unharmed by eager children.  And now I have to work on the back bedroom, sorting out toys, organizing toys, and either storing or getting rid of the excess to make it easier to keep clean. 

For awhile, I've just been sitting and staring at these areas, and a stack of totes that needed to be sorted and put away.  Finally, the need to get our cat situated in our room motivated me to get busy.  And once I started moving, it wasn't so bad.

As I was working, I decided that God must have put us in this home to keep me busy and thinking creatively.  It's a relatively small home (1200 sq. feet) for a family of 8.  It has no linen closets, broom closets, coat closets, or pantry.  It has no attic, basement, or garage.  But it has 3 large closets, and it uses its space very well.  We may have only one bathroom, but our 3 bedrooms, living room, and eat-in kitchen are more spacious than other homes of similar size that I've seen.

But, due to the size of our home, the size of our family, and the idiosyncracies of the family members, I am constantly challenged.  It is a creative challenge to find room for more books, more computer stuff, more clothes, more toys, more craft supplies, more stored food, another bed, etc.   I have become an expert at the puzzle of rearranging my home.  I think I even came up with a way (yesterday) to fit one or two more small bookshelves in the house -- which are needed.  Unfortunately, some rooms are so well-pieced that there is no other possible way to arrange them and still fit everything in.

As I was pondering that yesterday, I was feeling rather pleased with myself.  I was thinking about how I'm also adept at packing too much stuff into our Suburban for trips.  I can usually arrange the back end to make it all fit. 

And then I remembered ... I am not so adept at choosing the right size storage container for supper leftovers.  Steve will usually know I have the wrong size bowl before I do.  He laughs at the small amounts I sometimes put in large bowls and the times I have to get a second bowl to finish holding the leftovers that didn't fit in my first bowl.

I also can't judge how much spaghetti to cook.  I have cooked too little often enough that now I always throw in more than I think I need, and usually have leftovers.  Sometimes lots of leftovers.  My sister finds this funny, as well.  I guess we can't  be good at everything. 

Our home has served us so well.  We moved here with two children, and it seemed huge coming from our little 2 bedroom apartment.  We have run a home daycare in our home, received guests, hosted family gatherings, homeschooled, and have grown a large family with all their accessories.  It's been a good ten years here, and it's been a good home to our family.  And it keeps my mind active and creative, trying to get the most use out of our home that we can.


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