Friday, July 13, 2007

Two Year Homestead Anniversary

We've owned our little farmhouse and homestead for two years now.  At first blush, this thought depresses me.  It feels as if we've made very little progress at our homestead.  A couple carpets pulled up, some land continually mowed, a few dead trees removed, some old ugly junk removed from the tree line, a 2nd home furnished, plans made but not acted upon.  We've stayed busy on our trips out there, but it still seems like so little done.

When we first bought the farmhouse, I was eager to move.  I was longing to make a quick move.  Steve said ... probably in two years.  Two years seemed so long ... so far away.  I couldn't imagine 2 years of not living in the farmhouse, of making maintenance trips, and owning two homes. 

And yet, now it is 2 years.  And we still haven't moved.  It doesn't feel as if it's been 2 years.  Not just by the little we've accomplished, but also by how fast time has gone.  I can't believe it's been 2 years already.  I wonder what the next year, or two, of owning our homestead will hold.  What changes?  What surprises?  Will we move there within 2 more years?  I hope so.



  1. I'm sorry it's taking so long. It really is hard to wait for something you really want, isn't it? I do understand!

    I hope I can encourage you a little.

    We bought our property when pregnant with our oldest (she's 11 now) and we lived in a nearby city. There was nothing on the property except junk that someone left here. We paid it off in 4 yrs and while waiting to pay it off, we cleared off the area for the house to go, did the driveway, put in the well, did lots of mowing and camping here. Then, we started building. Stayed in a pop-up with a 2 yr old and 4 yr old (cooked over an open fire), then moved into the pole barn we put up(cooked on a grill & crockpot, took solar showers), then into the basement of the house while we continued to work on it. It's finally almost all done!

    It's been a long process, but looking back, we have so many beautiful memories of working on the house together with the kids. Sometimes I long for those times again-it was all such a wild adventure!

    Hang in there, it'll get done, you'll be moved in before you know it and will be able to look back on it with joy and thanksgiving! Your kids will have wonderful memories of this time, too! Holly

  2. Time does fly. I hope you get your house finished.

    We have a 5 year addition we haven't finished, so I know your anxiety.

    God has a plan and you are following it, He will not fail you!!

    As Always...

    !!SUPERANGEL!! !!Amanda!!


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