Monday, August 20, 2007

12th Carnival of Homesteading

Welcome to the 12th Carnival of Homesteading.  I'm so glad to have you here.  Let me show you around the barnyard, then we can go inside where the zucchini bread is cooling, and have some tea.

The Barnyard is buzzing these days!! 

First,  Jocelyn, of Amusing Reflections of a Country Girl, shares about being a farm gal, and life with her farm animals in her article, Farm-Gal.

Next, StitchNChick of Simple Folk blog, entertains us with a barnyard funny in her article, Son of the Chicken Whisperer.   "A boy and his chicken make up, but he knows she'll just be mad again when she finds out something else he knows."

After that, Farm Wife, from Farm Life Farm Wife, writes a humorous anecdote about the time her young daughter and she had a close encounter with a coyote that was ravishing their hen house.  You can read her story about Coyotes and Chickens and Kids, Oh My!

Then, PattyMarie of Morning Glory Farm, shares with us the excitement of a memorable and amazing first experience, including pictures, as she writes:  An Egg In The Hand Is Worth A Dozen In The Carton

Finally, Rachel of Rachel's Reasoning, regales us with tales of the experiences of goat-herding Shepherds and Shepherdesses in her article, A Goat-Herding Shepherdess ...

Now, that we've toured the barnyard, let's move into the house. 

Come into my Dining Room, have a slice of zucchini bread, and let's discuss our homesteads, and how we incorporate this lifestyle with our families and homeschools.

First, Barbara of Finding Contentment, shares about a family fishing trip, and catching her very first fish, including one which accidentally jumped onto her bait-less hook.

Second, April of ElCloud Homestead, rambles on about her newly rekindled love for her clothesline in her article, Falling In Love With "Whole Laundry".

Next, Mom At Home With The Kids, tells us about her family's use of the great outdoors for fun and learning in her article, No Teaching This Week.

Finally, in the dining room, Kelcee from Adventure of Faith,  challenges us to consider our spiritual lives, and our relationship with God when she asks, Are You An Idol?

Have I shown you my Kitchen yet? 

Amanda, from My Learning Experience, is in the kitchen today.  She's whipped something up and says "It's So Good ... You Have To Try It!"  Come taste her cabbage salad:  a light and filling salad that is so good, you just have to try it!

Go ahead, peek into my Medicine Cabinet

Jen, of From Fields And Gardens blog, shows us just how simple (and easy) natural herbal remedies can be in Kitchen Medicine

Did you see the Homemade Goodies?

Patti, from Celebrating Each Day, is finding joy and fulfillment in making homemade items for the county fair.  She's found the heart of the homesteading lifestyle, and she's loving it, as she shares in "I Never Imagined I Would Be Doing This!" 

Let me show you Around The House before we move outside again.

Jacque of Seeking Rest on the Homestead writes about her experiences with responsibility charts, and her philosophy on chore schedules in her article, Training, Responsibilities, and Chores.

Before you leave, come see the Workshop!   Homesteads always have projects underway, it seems.

Gerald, of Shedding Notes, is Gettin' Back In The Groove as he shares about some home repairs he's been working on, some history of his homestead, and even some pictures of his accomplishments.

As you head to your car, you can take a peek into my Garden ... don't mind the weeds ... but my tomatoes are finally ripening

It was so nice to visit with you.  Nothing compares with the  fellowship of friends after a busy, and difficult week.  Next Monday, you can visit StitchNChick for the 13th Carnival of Homesteading.



  1. I announced it on my blog!

    Well-done! Everything looks great!! ; )

    Thanks for hosting... it was a big help!!


  2. JacqueDixonSoulRestESAugust 20, 2007 at 8:05 AM

    It's up on my homeschool blog; I'll be getting it on my others, too! It's on the Carnivals & Contests, too.

    You did a fantastic job on it! Very homey!

    Thanks for all your work!!



  3. I look forward to browsing through the links!



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