Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Falling in Love with "Whole Laundry"

The other day, I was hanging out clothes, and thinking of how one daughter keeps complaining about her stiff clothes (although most items are not ending up stiff).  And I was thinking of how I keep telling her I'm saving money and energy by letting the sun and wind dry our clothes.

Then I thought how she could argue that using the electric dryer is okay since now they are making energy from wind and sun (especially here in the Plains, wind energy is becoming a big thing).  Then I was thinking how that argument wouldn't hold since we don't have solar or wind power here at our house, but maybe we could add them at the farm someday.

Then I thought how the process of making electricity from the sun and wind had costs.  And that I was saving those costs by drying on the line, and using the sun and wind in its original natural state.

Whole Laundry Drying instead of Whole Foods? 

Then I started thinking about how I was also using the natural stain remover, brightener, disinfectant, and deoderizer of the sun ... instead of laundry additives.

See ... whole laundry!  Laundry in its most natural state.  Except the washing.  I'm not ready to give up my electric washing machine.

I'm falling in love with my clothesline again.  Even when it's 104*, I still enjoy hanging out my clothes.  Of course, we'll see if I can continue with it when it's cold instead. 

My clothesline is an umbrella line.  It can only hold 2 of my large loads at a time.  Sometimes I have to take down a couple items from the first load to fit the second load on.  But we manage, most of the time.  Usually by the time I have a third load ready, my first load is completely dry.  If there's a fourth load, it usually has to stay out overnight and continue to dry in the morning.

I was trying to decide what are my favorite things to see on the clothesline.   But I have several favorites.  Cloth diapers are emotionally fulfilling to see hanging on the line ... and they also satisfy my old-fashioned or retro urges.  I love seeing my daughter's light colored floral dresses billowing in the breeze; it's so artistically fulfilling.  Towels and cloth napkins are mathematically fulfilling with their symmetry and sharp edges.  But the other day I was hanging up pair after pair of red or navy little boys shorts, and that made me smile, too.  They had a cuteness factor all their own.

Since we've made up our mind to use the clothesline as much as possible, to save electricity and wear and tear on our dryer, I'm glad I am enjoying it.  I didn't expect to fall in love with it so much.  Perhaps it's the momentary peace of slipping outside alone to hang a little laundry, check on the garden, think, and pray.  Perhaps it's a reminder of each of my family members, and my love for them, as I hang their clothes on the line beside my own. 

I know my two oldest daughters could help with hanging out the clothes (at least on the lower lines), but I'm not ready to give them that task yet.  I'm enjoying it too much.


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  1. I just bought my first clothesline last week. I can't wait until my husband gets it up for me. It sure makes the clothes smell good. No perfumed fabric softner smells as good as that.


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