Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of shoe boxes, shampoo bottles, tape and paper ...

6 yo J is my creator.  He doesn't want to just draw, though.  He wants to make things.

This week he has used two shoe boxes, some straws, and paper to make 2 pirate ships with masts, a trap door in the deck, and a gangplank.  He made toilet paper roll pirates with q-tip swords.  He made one for him and one for 3 yo M to play pirates together.  Never mind that we have a Fisher Price Noah's Ark that COULD be a pirate ship with little people pirates ... he'd rather make his own.

Yesterday he turned an empty baby shampoo bottle into Lightning McQueen with paper and lots of tape.  Then he took a shoebox and cut a back door into it to be Mack for Lightning to ride in. 

Today he got a very small shoe box and used a straw to be the tow hook and gave it to 3 yo M  as 'Mater.  Now they're playing 'Mater and Lightning, while he sings "Life is a highway, I want to drive it all night long" behind me.

Consequently, I am out of scotch tape again.  And I'm going to have to protect these cardboard creations for weeks until he either tires of them or we can sneak them into the trash unnoticed. 

I'm glad he's creative.  But he has got to stop digging in the trash.  I explained to him yesterday after he reclaimed the shampoo bottle that there are lots of germy (like my new word?) and gross things in the bathroom trash and he should NOT dig in it. 

I wish his creativity made less messes and clutter, though.  Wondering how I can direct this in him, and mold it?  What will he be when he grows up, I wonder?  A carpenter, a furniture maker, an artist?


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  1. Looks like you are going to have to create a "recycle" creative box for your son. Just get in the habit of throwing things into the box, the box will limit the amount of items due to size and keep your son from dumpster diving!!!



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