Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This counts as school, right?

My kids are distracted with making and testing paper air planes today.  I send them back to their math and soon another one flies by my head. 

On the bright side, 6 yo J is tossing around the word "aerodynamic" and asking me how to make his more aerodynamic, so he can beat his older sisters. 

So, science?  Math? 

It may count as learning, but they still have to do their math.

"That's enough paper airplanes!  Back to your math!" (the Mom says crankily for the umpteenth time.)



  1. It does count as school. But I'm like you we still have to complete the scheduled work :)

    Sounds like a fun day at your house.

    Nice to meet you, I'm maria.

  2. Sounds like school to me!



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