Friday, October 5, 2007

Are there "pre-Terrible Twos" ?

Our children seem to hit the "Terrible Twos" early.  Around 18 months, they begin getting into things, being ornery, running away when called, throwing little tantrums when they don't get their way, etc.  Suddenly, they require more careful supervision, and more discipline.  We've always joked that the "Terrible Twos" start early in our home.  Now, we don't really like that term, but some days it seems to fit so well.

This morning, 18 mo L has:

  • stuck a popcorn kernel up her nose, which took me over an hour to figure out how to remove

  • splashed all the cat water out of the water bowl, drenching the rug and her pajamas

  • dropped her lunch fork down the heater vent, on purpose

And that doesn't count a couple minor tantrums she's thrown today, and her usual orneriness.  Hmm, how soon until nap time?



  1. I can relate! We've been joking at our house for a couple of months that our little guy (21 mos.) hit the terrible 2's early. I had to laugh about the popcorn kernel (although I know it wasn't funny) - my guy stuck a raisin up his nose the other day.

  2. Yup - 18 months sounds about right for our four also. :-) We called it the major testing of boundaries stage.

    My daughter somehow snuck some pony beads to bed once (she was older than 18 months though) and was lying on her back dropping them in her nose one at a time (bored?!?). What is it with small objects and noses?


  3. We seem to always start that behavior early too. None of mine have stuck things up their noses yet though. Yikes!

    Jen (mopsmamajen from qfh)


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