Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Getting the Farmhouse "Move-In Ready"

Last night, we came home from a 3-day weekend trip to the farmhouse.  We stayed busy cleaning out the house.  There was still clothes in the closets, and other items, left over from his Grandma that didn't get cleaned out at the auction time.  I emptied those things out into a large box.  Steve carried items we'd been storing in the house to the kennel or basement, to get it out of our way.

We had hauled a trailer full of boxes and a bookshelf out with us.  Some of those boxes were children's toys and I was able to unpack most of those toys into shelves in their closets.  We're going to need more stacking totes and some underbed boxes for the kids room, but we'll get there.

While we were there, we were able to give away some extra furniture via freecycle.  Some of those items were leftover from Steve's Grandma, that didn't sell at the auction.  One was a bed we got from freecycle and brought out so we'd have beds when we visited the farmhouse.  We won't need it in a month, when we move in, though.  We still have some other items to give away, but we'll have to list them later.

We scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed 50 years of grease and food splatters off my kitchen cabinets and their handles.  Steve removed the handles, soaked them in vinegar water, and scrubbed them for me.  Good job, Steve!  We bought cabinet liner for one of the lower cupboards that had a shelf all stained up.  The rest were fine. 

We also scrubbed both rooms that are paneled with Murphy's Wood Oil soap and lavender essential oil.  Smelled great!  Steve said we'll probably do that again since the water turned so yucky our first times.  He also intends to clean the wood floors, although we've done it before.  I'm wondering if that should happen before or after we paint, though.

I took down all the curtains and drapes.  SOOO dusty!!  We'll wash the lace panels from the girls room and hope to re-use them.  We're throwing away the master bedroom, dining room drapes, and the kitchen curtain.   We may re-use the living room drapes, if we determine that dry-cleaning them is much cheaper than replacing them.  However, they're rather fragile.  I felt the lining rip once when I was handling them.

Before we left, we measured all the rooms/walls so we know how much paint we need to buy for each room.  And we chose our paint colors.  Steve went with me to Walmart and we chose from colors I had already pre-selected online, at www.casualcolors.com.  I knew what I basically wanted in each room, but I hadn't settled on exact colors yet.  I had it narrowed down to 2-3 possibilities for each room.

The plumber came and said the toilet problem was just that they'd turned down how much water goes into the tank.  It needs the full amount to flush well.  So we fixed that.  And he said we can pour a product called Root Dissolve into the toilet to take care of any minor root problems in the plumbing to the septic tank. 

We went to Sunday School for the first time at our new church.  We've attended services there before, but never Sunday School.  Everyone enjoyed their classes, and I loved that each children's class studied the same thing, at their own level.  Our church doesn't do that, and I think it's great that we can discuss their Sunday School lesson, as a family afterwards.  They're all learning the same thing in our homeschool curriculum, and now they will in Sunday School, as well. 

While we were there, we joined Farm Bureau ... which will get us a discount on our cell phones and calling plan later this week.   We went to the library and the 3 girls received their library cards.   I had received mine last year some time.   The librarian who helped us said her daughter has homeschooled for 17 years, so she's definitely going to be homeschool friendly to us.  

We enjoyed familiarizing ourselves with things like the church and library that will be important to our family.  It was a good, productive 3 days.   3 yo M even learned why he shouldn't try to shave with his Daddy's razor while he was there.  See, a productive trip for everyone.



  1. It is such hard work, but so worth it, isn't it! I am so glad God is taking care of all things for you!

    In Him, Eva

  2. Hi April-it all sounds wonderful and I'm so happy for you!! How exciting to be getting close to moving in.

    At our house we don't have terrible twos, we have thunderous threes-and we're going thru it now.

    I love the quotes you have oisted 2 posts down. I have the last quote in that post taped to a cabinet. Holly


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