Friday, November 2, 2007

Packing (& washing machine) Update

What have I packed so far?

All 7 bookshelves of books
All our large collection of VHS tapes
Almost all our CDs
Half our DVDs
All my knick-knacks
Most of my wall decorations
My "pretties" tucked away in my kitchen cupboards
The kids computer desk
Extra toiletries, vitamins, and medicines from the closet
The older girls entire bedroom
Most of the children's toys
All the children's games (closet full of them)
Other odds and ends that I don't use regularly

We aren't packing our clothes.  Anything that's currently in a dresser, is traveling that way.  That includes linens, clothes, changing table/diapers.

Today I need to finish packing the girls' closet (most of it is boxed already) and then move onto the back bedroom.  My sister is going to be staying in the girls' room until we leave, and the girls have moved into the back bedroomI've packed most of that room already (toys and games) but I need to continue to work in there.  My bedroom will be the hardest room.  That, and the kitchen.  But I have a list of which rooms to do each day.  Next week I'll be much more focused on packing.  I'm trying not to think about the shed, although most of what is in there is too large for boxes.

Steve has taken many loads to the farmhouse already.  He's been going out there twice each week for 3 weeks now.  Every time he does, we load up his car with boxes. 

What have I gotten rid of?

Well, we had a yard sale and I sold or gave away all of the items in our 5 or 6 "yard sale totes" that we'd been hanging onto between sales.  We have given away a toy box, sold a dollhouse, and I have been freecycling items as I pack for over a month now.  When I first packed up toys, I gave away 3 bags of toys.  When I packed the girls room, they gave away some of their China dolls.  This week, I have given away via freecycle a computer monitor, and four very full bags of stuff.  I have two more bags set to be picked up today.  We gave away our extra furniture at the farmhouse.  I gave away 8 bags of clothes when I did the seasonal clothing switch.  Last night I gave away the girls' old dance shoes and costumes. 

Not to mention the fact that our trash cans have been overflowing for several weeks with extra stuff we've thrown away.  I've started putting non food trash into lawn & garden bags so it can sit outside the can w/o attracting pests.

We're giving my sister our table and chair set here, a grill, and letting her use indefinitely our metal desk.  She's going to be renting our house.  In fact, she arrives later today with a trailer load of stuff and her cat.  Dad will bring the rest of her stuff and her big dog next week when he comes to help us move out.  She starts her new job on Monday.  Actually, she is replacing Steve.  Isn't that the coolest thing?  God worked it out so nicely for all of us.  And it's not a case of nepotism.  She really *was* chosen based on her qualifications.

An update on our washing machine ... it's dead.  We bought it used for $500 3 years ago.  We paid $100 2 years ago to replace the door latch.  Yesterday we paid $65 to be told it would cost over $500 to repair.  No thank you!  But, another homeschool family is kindly giving us an Amana washer/dryer set that is 5-6 years old.  Praise God!  We'll leave our current dryer here for my sister, and another person offered us a washer, which we'll ask if they'll give it to my sister instead.  Our plan is to pick up the washer and dryer tonight, so I can do laundry all day tomorrow.  LOL!!   Next time, after we've saved up for it, I'm getting a new LG frontloader ... not another Maytag Neptune.


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