Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Photos of our rustic laundry system ...

I know many folks have a more rustic system than this, but coming from our old home, with washer and dryer right in the kitchen, and a small umbrella tree clothesline right out the back door, this seems rustic to us.

Our washing machine in our basement drains into a sink, which drains into the sump pump, which exits the basement into the yard via a gray-water pipe.  This picture was taken before we leveled the washing machine, so it's tilting to the side.  Lovely laundry environment, isn't it?

These are the indoor drying racks I use daily.  I can fit one large load on these racks.  Sometimes I can get 1.5 loads drying at the same time.  We have a fan sitting in front of a heating vent blowing on them.  I flip clothes over to help the underside dry.

And here is my saggy-baggy clothesline.  I can only fit one load on the line.  I try to avoid using the middle section, because even socks and underwear touch the grass when it's fully loaded.  Today it's near 50* and blustery, so I'm using the line.  Tonight the indoor racks should be dry and I can bring in the outdoor laundry to finish on the indoor racks.

We need to reset the right clothes-line T-post in concrete so it will stand upright and hold still.  Then we will string all 3 lines, with heavier grade clothesline.  But in the meantime, this is what we have.  Sad, isn't it?  Funny, too.

So, if I use the outdoor clothesline, I can do two loads of laundry in a day.  Without it, I can do 1 - 1.5 loads.  It took awhile to catch up once we moved in and hooked up the washing machine, but I'm doing fine now.  I even started using cloth diapers again.  Since we don't have an electric dryer hooked up yet, I am using only pocket diapers with microfiber inserts which line dry quickly.

There are a few places with 220 electric wiring, but the outlet plug is not the right type for our dryer.  We need to fix that before we can use our electric dryer.

And that's our rustic, but effective, laundry system.  I'm thankful to have it.  It's better than washing in the kitchen sink ... or the laundry mat!



  1. I think it looks great! And what a gorgeous view you have while you hang laundry outside. Holly

  2. What a gorgeous view!


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