Monday, November 19, 2007

Settling into our new home ...

It's been 9 days since our move.  It was a crazy, hectic day, with some misadventures along the way.  We had 12 extra people help us load up.  Steve's brother came from Texas, and my Dad came from New Mexico even.  Three of those helpers didn't make the 3.5 hour journey, but the other nine did.  We were a caravan of 9 vehicles (including 5 pickup trucks, 2 Suburbans, one car, and one minivan) towing 2 U-Haul 6 x 12 trailers, 2 flatbed trailers, and one little pickup bed trailer.  Unfortunately, Steve's brother's trailer towing a nonworking vehicle blew a bearing.  So, that truck/trailer and Steve's Mom's car stayed behind with Steve, his brother, and his Mom.  They didn't pull in until 12:30 am.  And most of our helpers didn't arrive back home until 1 or 2 am.  We owe them all more than words can express.  They blessed us immensely.

When our helpers left, we could barely walk through the house.  It was so late, that we just had them pile things in the house or garage.  Nothing basement-bound made it down there.  I took pictures of the mountain of boxes we were walking through.  Some furniture items couldn't be placed in the correct places until some of the boxes were emptied.  We still have piles of boxes along walls in some of the rooms, and I'm still trying to figure out how to store everything.  It took me ten years to perfect storing this stuff in our old house.  We have a larger home now, technically, and more storage in the basement, but we still have to find homes for everything upstairs ... and that is a bit difficult.  Every day I find new items that are basement-bound, and Steve and I are both getting tired of hauling stuff down those stairs.  Steve is going to build shelves to help organize the things we're storing.

Today we had satellite internet installed.  So, this is the first day I've been able to get online.  But I've had plenty to keep me busy, and I didn't need the distraction sooner. 

Soon, I'll share with you the ups and downs of this first week.  The brushes with nature, the struggles with laundry, and how we're all coping.  But for now, I just wanted to let you know we're here.  We're home.  We're very blessed!


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  1. Oh, it is so nice to hear you are moved in and have computer hook up now! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more, when you get a chance.



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