Thursday, November 8, 2007

Two days until we move, and Goodbye for awhile!

We're moving in two days, and we don't have internet set up at the farmhouse yet.  I'm sure we'll get it running as soon as possible, but for now, I need to say goodbye! 

When the internet is ready out there, I'll still be scarce as we paint, unpack, settle in, and prepare for Christmas.  But I'll post to let you know when we are back online, and to keep you updated on our settling in process. 

I promised some friends that I'd share pictures as we painted and unpacked in each room.  I won't forget.



  1. Hope all goes well with the move. Looking forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Happy moving! I just moved 6 months ago,so it is all still fresh in my mind. I am just now feeling like I am home.


  3. you should be moved by now!

    can you email me a link to pix if you post them in that place where I can not go?

    praying it's all going smooooothly!


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