Friday, December 21, 2007

Four days until Christmas, and I am so behind ...

I still have 4 Christmas calendars to make ... although they aren't needed by Christmas day.  Two are going to be given to my family who won't be here until NEXT weekend, and the other two are mine and Steve's.

I haven't finished signing Christmas cards, or labeling photos.  We haven't printed the letter or put them all together to mail, of course.  And I lost my old church directory, so can't find addresses to mail them to old church friends.  It looks like it will be a New Year's letter instead.

I haven't baked anything, except chocolate chip cookies.  Steve took a box full to work today, and the rest have already been eaten.  I was supposed to make cupcakes tonight for a family gathering tomorrow.  But, we have sick kids and aren't going, so Steve is planning to make a red and green jello cake instead tonight.

I still have to shop for stocking stuffers, my Grandma, and take our kids shopping for each other.  Guess who gets to go to Walmart this weekend?  Won't that be fun?

I haven't finished unpacking the living room ... which I need to do before my family comes next weekend.  I need to get this stack of office boxes sorted, unpacked, and store what we don't want in the living room.

We haven't painted the girls' bedroom so we can set up their second bunk bed yet, either.  That is supposed to be finished before my family comes next weekend, too.

And we won't talk about the back entry room that can't be finished until we get rid of the old piano that was here when we moved in ... that looks bad.  But since we are expecting bad weather yet again tomorrow, I doubt we'll get rid of it in time.  So that room may just continue to be a mess.

But I guess even if the house stays as it is, nothing gets baked, and our cards/letters don't get mailed until January ... it will all be okay.  It won't really matter in the long run.  But it feels odd to be so far behind.  In reality, though, I could be farther along with the house, if I'd worked harder.  I just reached a point of not knowing what to do with the remaining boxes, and quit.  And some of it needed to be done as a team, with Steve, and we've had very little time together, at home, it seems.

But, Christmas is four days away, and I'm going to focus on that.  Our first Christmas at the farmhouse, and we're together.  It's a small Christmas this year,  but we'll focus on celebrating our Savior's birth and enjoy this special time, even if nothing else gets done.


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